Join us for wine by the glass, Thurs - Sun from 12-5.

Two foodies in love

Jenn & John's little story...


Chester River Wine & Cheese Co. is owned and operated by business and life partners Jennifer Baker and John Laucik. In 2014 we uprooted our lives as corporate management consultants and moved to the bustling arts and entertainment district of Chestertown, MD from Philadelphia, PA.. In 2015 we broke every rule in the book. We opened a business, purchased a home, and got married all in 3 months. We should probably mention that John is an expert in technology and process and Jenn is an expert in change management and organization development. This has come in very handy along our journey.

We're not formally trained, so we often refer to ourselves as the "everyman's foodies." We've participated in training programs with the Wine School of Philadelphia, Cheese School of San Francisco, and American Cheese Society.  True to our professional background, we've leveraged our passion for academic inquiry to build the knowledge we've needed to run our business. That gave us the courage to quite our jobs and open Chester River Wine & Cheese Co. in 2015.

In 2017 we realized that we did not have the tools here in Kent County to create amazing meals and thus we added Welcome Home, a specialty kitchen and home store, to our business portfolio. In Welcome Home you'll find cooking tools, cleaning tools, bed and bath linens. The pretty but practical things you need to cook a meal, entertain your friends, take a bath, and go to bed.

We are passionate about food access, public school education, cats and puppies. We're very proud supporters of the Kent County Food Pantry, Support our Schools (an amazing parents-led grassroots organization to improve education programs in Kent County), and the Humane Society of Kent County.

We're having fun and love living here. We encourage you to tele-commute from Kent County or quit your job and open a business here as your next career. 

We're super detail oriented...


Ok, so you can take the consultants out of corporate, but you can't take the lessons learned out of the business owners. We strongly leverage technology and process to create a highly customer-focused business. We believe that our customer value proposition is based on the experience we offer you while you're in our store and the knowledge, recommendations, and support we can provide based on your unique needs. Our full time store manager is a professional trained pastry chef on staff and both Jenn and John are avid cooks. 

... and highly focused on quality.


We apply simple criteria to every bottle we taste. We must love it, the bottle should be unique to Kent County, and the quality for the price should be aligned. We have great $8 bottles and wonderful $25+ bottles. We focus on "how" you would enjoy a glass of the wines and spirits they select. Our offerings rotate seasonally to align with the food, climate, and entertaining styles of the season.